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Embark on an exciting adventure with our Chitral Gol Park & Brughul Trek, a 25-day journey that takes you through some of the most scenic routes of Northern Pakistan. This trek is graded as easy to moderate, with some steep walks on a well-made path in Chitral Gol Park and moderate demands, including some time-consuming glacier crossings and roped walks in the Brughul Valley and Karambar Ann areas.

Your trip starts in Islamabad, where you will spend the first night at the luxurious Serena Islamabad Hotel. On Day 2, we will drive to Gehrat Chitral, passing through the beautiful Chakdara Swat. On Day 3, we will meet our porters and embark on our trek to Chimirsan Ghari, which takes around 4-5 hours and reaches an altitude of 3100m.

Over the next few days, we will cross the 3350m Dooni Pass and trek to Gokushal, then cross the 3720m Gokushal Ann and trek to Ishperudeh. On Day 6, we will have a free day to explore the local area and view Markhor. We will trek to Chaghbini on Day 7 and then drive to Chitral, where we will spend the night at the Hindukush Heights.

Day 9 sees us drive to Yarkhun Lasht, then to Chikar on Day 10, where we will spend the night at a camp. On Day 11, we will trek up to Darkot Pass (4650m) before returning to the camp.

On Day 12, we will trek to Garhil and then have a free day for side trips towards Brughil Pass on Day 13 (permit required). On Day 14, we will trek to Shuwor Sheer and then to Karambar Lake on Day 15. We will spend two days at Kurumbar Lake, where we can explore the local area before trekking to Shuyinji on Day 18.

We will then trek to Sukhtar Rabat on Day 19, with a free day for local explorations on Day 20. On Day 21, we will trek to Waraghut and then to Maturamdan on Day 22. On Day 23, we will either trek or drive to Gilgit, where we will spend the night at the luxurious Serena Hotel.

On Day 24, we will fly to Islamabad and spend the night at the Serena Islamabad Hotel. Finally, on Day 25, we will transfer to the airport for your return flight home.

This trip is recommended for July and August and includes 7 hotel nights and 18 nights camping. With maximum altitudes of 4320m and the highest camp halt at Karambar Lake (4260m), this trek promises stunning views and unforgettable experiences.

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