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This 16-day itinerary takes you on a journey through some of the most picturesque and historic sites in northern Pakistan. You’ll start your adventure in Islamabad, where you’ll be transferred to your hotel upon arrival. The room will be booked from the previous night for your convenience.

The second day will see you flying to Skardu and visiting the local bazaar before heading to the historic Shigar fort. You’ll spend a day exploring the many historic monuments in the area before driving to Khaplu on the fourth day. You’ll spend the night at the historic Khaplu palace and explore the village of Machulu the following day.

On the sixth day, you’ll drive back to Skardu and visit the K2 Museum before continuing on to the beautiful Shangrilla Resort. The next day, you’ll drive to Gilgit, where you’ll spend the night before taking a morning drive to Hunza on day eight. Here you’ll visit the historic Baltit Fort and bazaar before an excursion to the stunning Hopper village.

You’ll visit the Altit Fort and village before continuing on to Duikar on day ten. The next day, you’ll take a scenic drive to Gulmit and visit Borith Lake before continuing on to Passu. On day twelve, you’ll explore the Khunjerab National Park, while day thirteen will see you returning to Gilgit for a night at the Serena Hotel.

On day fourteen, you’ll take a scenic drive to Naran via the Babusar Pass, stopping en route to visit the historic city of Taxila. The following day, you’ll continue on to Islamabad for your outbound flight. This itinerary is perfect for anyone looking to experience the rich history and natural beauty of northern Pakistan.

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